North Country Hospital

Pediatric Mental Health Counselor/Therapist

Newport, VT 05855


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Statement of Purpose:

This is a full-time outpatient position for a licensed therapist to provide direct outpatient therapy to pediatric patients of North Country Pediatrics. The services will include crisis intervention, short term counseling and longer-term counseling/family support.

North Country Pediatrics is a RHC certified Medical Home that offers wrap around care to our patients including WIC in the Medical Home, dietician, asthma trainer, DULCE worker, case manager and embedded therapist.

We offer embedded mental health care to our patients to improve access to counseling, decrease barriers to care and improve our patients' and families' mental health along with their physical health.

We are looking for a VT licensed therapist with experience in the pediatric population who feels comfortable providing direct patient care and a variety of counseling methods. We are a strong and fun team and are looking for a personality who works well in a team.

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